Inproject Land in Nogueira da Regedoura –

Nogueira da Regedoura, Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro

Land located in Rua da Portela, Nogueira da Regedoura, in Santa Maria da Feira, 5.7 km from Espinho beach.

Area with good accessibility, with proximity to the main motorways (A1, A29, A41).

Main features:

-Total area 5032m2;

– Pre allotment project for 9 villas;

– Flat land with well;

– Quiet residential area;

Bank Financing:

Habita is a partner of several financial entities, enabling all its customers free simulations of Housing Credit.


Nogueira da Regedoura is a portuguese parish in the extreme northwest of the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, with an area of 4.87 km² and 5,790 inhabitants (2011). Its population density is 1 188.9 inhabitants/km². This borders São Paio de Oleiros, Mozelos, Argoncilhe, the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, Esmojães and Guetim, from the municipality of Espinho and from the Union of the Parishes of Grijó and Sermonde, from the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Santa Maria da Feira (VFR) is a Portuguese city with an area of 13.45 km², belonging to the district of Aveiro.

The Land of Santa Maria, located at the intersection of the North-South and Coastal-Interior axes, has a geographical positioning that, since remote times, has made this region a place of encounter and passage of many peoples.

They prove it the existence of the Roman roads that connected Lisbon to Braga (milestone thousands found in Ul) and Porto to Viseu. These means of communication continued to be used throughout the Middle Ages and until the last century.

The settlement of the Land of Santa Maria is already very old, as attested by the presence of several funerary monuments (mamoas), dating back to the IV-V millennium before Christ, as well as pre-Romanized castros (fortified settlements). The empire brought the Roman roads, for military or commercial needs and are still visible several traces of roads and bridges of that time, many of which are still well preserved.

It is here, more specifically in the parish of Asparago, that is located the largest and most modern congress center in the country, the Europark, and a science center, the Visionarium, both belonging to the Business Association of Portugal. The project to expand the Europark is currently being prepared, with a view to receiving various services in the area surrounding the current complex.

Culture and Leisure:
– Auditorium of the Municipal Library of Santa Maria da Feira
– Cine Teatro António Lamoso
– Grand Auditorium of the Europark
– Visionarium – Europark Science Centre
– Convento dos Lóios Museum – Municipal Museum
– Museum of Santa Maria de Lamas
– Paper Museum – Palaces of Brandão
– Casa da Portela – Palaces of Brandão
– Gallery of the Municipal Library of Santa Maria da Feira
– Mill House
– Squared Gallery
– Letter Addiction
– Castle of Santa Maria da Feira
– Castro de Romariz
– Historic Center of Santa Maria da Feira
– Convent of the Loios
– Guimbras
– Quinta do Castelo
– Casa do Quinta do Engenho Novo
– Lourosa Zoo – Municipal Ornithological Park
– Termas das Caldas de São Jorge
– Museum of Santa Maria de Lamas
– Paper Museum in Palaces of Brandão
– Quinta do Engenho Novo Municipal Park in Paços de Brandão

Santa Maria da Feira asserts itself in the national cultural panorama at the expense of a vast and diverse program ranging from the programming of spaces such as Cine Teatro António Lamoso and Europarque, to street events, which lead many to consider the Fair as the national capital of street arts. To reinforce this component, the installation of the 7 Suns 7 Luas Street Arts Center is prepared in the former facilities of the Municipal Slaughterhouse.

Throughout the year, several events take the name of the city and the region further.

Santa Maria da Feira has 11 Basic Schools of the 2nd and 3rd Cycles, 8 Secondary Schools and 2 Higher Education.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-JM062102
סוג הנכס: אדמה
סטטוס נכס: פרוייקט בבנייה
שטח החלקה: 5030 מ״ר
מחוז: Aveiro
שכונה: Nogueira da Regedoura
עיר : Santa Maria da Feira
יעילות אנרגטית: פטור
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