Land for sale in Palmela with 4540m2

Palmela, Palmela, Setúbal

Excellent opportunity to invest in Palmela.

Rustic land located at the entrance of Palmela in urban area, surrounded by villas and green areas.

At the moment in the area are building several villas of contemporary architecture, valuing the entire surroundings.

The plot area corresponds to 4540m2 and is covered by Medium Density Expansion Area H1, according to the Planning Plan of the Municipal Master Plan (PDM).

There is a favorable opinion of the Municipality of Palmela to constitute 11 lots, a total of 3960m2 intended for the construction of single-family houses in band with 2 floors, the gross construction area of 1780m2 for housing and 660m2 for parking in basement, and total implementation of 1100m2.

The study presented the creation of 27 parking spaces, 22 private (inside the lots, in basement) and 5 in public space.
It also provides for the distribution to the public domain an area of 580m2, distributed 380m2 for infrastructure (sidewalks and parking) and 200m2 for green spaces and collective use.

Palmela and all its surroundings, offer a huge Historical Heritage (Palmela Castle), Cultural (Festivals and traditions) and Natural (Serra da Arrábida).

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Palmela is a Portuguese village belonging to the district of Setúbal and the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, with about 19,500 inhabitants. [1] Its maximum altitude is 378 metres (378 m), measured on the hill where the Castle is located. It is located in the metropolitan area sub-region of Lisbon.
It is the headquarters of a municipality with 465.12 km² of area and 62 831 inhabitants, subdivided into 4 parishes.
The municipality is bordered to the north by the municipalities of Benavente and Alcochete, to the northeast by the eastern part (exclave) of the municipality of Montijo, to the east by Vendas Novas, to the southeast by Alcácer do Sal, to the south by Setúbal, to the west by Barreiro and to the northwest by moita and by the western part (main area) of the municipality of Montijo.

The presence of man in the region that is now occupied by the municipality of Palmela dates back to the upper Neolithic, where his presence is widely noticed, especially during the culture of the campaniform, and whose testimony was left to us in the form of the world-renowned Vaso de Palmela. Occupied by Celts, Romans and Arabs, they all found this territory a strategic place to settle.
In 1147 it was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques, granting him a foil in 1185. But the golden period of Palmela can be located in the early years of nationality, when Palmela was the key of the territory between the Sado and the Tagus. This strategic importance is due to conjuncture aspects of a political-religious nature related to the process of conquest and consolidation of the Portuguese State, and from which the Order of Santiago and Espada, (which received Palmela as a donation from D. Afonso Henriques around 1172), cannot be separated.
The Order of Santiago marks its presence in Portuguese society because it is the mistress of a vast territory that went from the former municipality of Riba Tejo (which encompasses the current municipalities of Barreiro, Moita, Montijo and Alcochete) to Mértola, in the Lower Alentejo. The administrative power of the Order is now centered in Palmela “already in times of Infante D. João, son of D. João I”. The importance of this choice was not only related to the proximity of Palmela to Lisbon, where the congregation held the convent of Santos, among others, but also due to the fact that Palmela is the largest Comenda da Ordem and the characteristics of its castle, large, with the capacity to house the monumental ensemble of the Order ? the Convent and the Church. Away from the dangers of invasions ? Arabic, initially, and Castilian, at a later time ? the Order of Santiago begins to lose the importance and power it had. Along with her, Palmela also ceases to possess the role of advanced guardian, a role previously played by the former sepositions of the Order ? Mértola and Alcácer do Sal.

Ref. NG122001

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-NG122001
סוג הנכס: אדמה
שטח החלקה: 4540 מ״ר
מחוז: Setúbal
שכונה: Palmela
יעילות אנרגטית: פטור
עיר : Palmela
איזור: Pegarias
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