Refurbished Apartment in Almirante Reis (Anjos) – 100 m²

Arroios, Lisboa, Lisboa
2 חדרי שינה
2 שירותים
105 מ״ר

Arroios – Admiral KingsA 1 min Metro.T2 + 1 refurbished.2 bedrooms, 1 office, 1 living room, 2 toilet and kitchen.Electric blinds.Kitchen equipped with hob, oven, hood, machine clothes, dishwasher, combined, microwave and water heater.100m2.Building prior to 1951 (exempt from license).In the center of all trade and transport.Mark your visit with Ref. CS012202Location:Once upon a time, numerous watercourses crossed this place. The name ‘Arroios’ evokes these watercourses that existed here and that still survive in the toponyms of the streets of the parish. Arroios was not always a parish only ? the current situation resulted from the merger of the previous parishes of Anjos, Pena and São Jorge de Arroios.The settlement of this territory grew next to two first poles, the Church of the Holy Angels (1551) and the Convent of Santana (1562). Fertile lands, abundant in water, have fixed populations and have settled here numerous convents, which after the extinction of the Religious Orders were converted, for the most part, into hospital equipment.The opening of Avenida Almirante Reis determined the urbanization of nearby farms, emerging the neighborhoods Andrade, England, azores and colonies, so known for the thematic toponymy, destined to the small bourgeoisie that worked in the vicinity. Immigration has brought great population changes in the area, being today one of the areas of greater interculturality of Lisbon, which the urban rehabilitation of the area has sought to frame.Leisure and Culture:The Empire Cinema and the Sotto Mayor Palace were built in this place. Many other structures such as churches, palaces, squares and neighborhoods, were born and make today Arroios a place rich in heritage. This is a parish with history and culture that has at its disposal architectural, religious and civil heritage, which deserves knowledge, protection and appreciation. Know some of the heritage that gives identity and differentiation to the Parish of Arroios.The following stand out for their importance:- Monte Agudo Viewpoint- Empire Cinema- Neighborhood of the Colonies- Camões High School- Sotto Mayor Palace- Faculty of Medical Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa- Security Pavilion of Miguel Bombarda Hospital- Old Bullring of Campo Santana- Widow Factory Lamego- Largo do Intendente Pina Manique- Chapel of the Palace of Bemposta- Convent of Arroios- Old Church of angels- Will of the AngelsEducation:Arroios is characterized by its linguistic and cultural diversity, with about 80 nationalities sharing this place. The schools of this parish, namely the levels of non-higher education in which day care centers, kindergartens and school establishments of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles reflect the permanent multicultural conviviality, visible in the dozens of languages of origin of their children and young people.Education for linguistic and cultural diversity is, consequently, valued by this Parish Council, seeking to guarantee freedom, tolerance and acceptance of difference, in a community that is desired inclusive.In the field of public education, the Parish Council of Arroios directly supervises two school groups and an ungrouped secondary school, the Nuno Gonçalves School Grouping, the Luís de Camões School Grouping and the Camões Secondary School.Dozens of private educational institutions are also located in this area of Lisbon, ranging from kindergartens to vocational schools and schools, as well as university education institutions such as NOVA Medical School | Faculty of Medical Sciences (NMS| FCM), or the Military Academy.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-CS012202
סוג הנכס: דירה
סטטוס נכס: משופץ
חדרי שינה: 2
שירותים: 2
שטח הבית: 105 מ״ר
מחוז: Lisboa
שכונה: Arroios
שטח נטו: 100 m²
מצב: טוב מאוד
חדרים פנימיים: 1
יעילות אנרגטית: C
עיר : Lisboa
איזור: Almirante Reis (Anjos)
שטח נטו: 100
מטבח: 1
קומה: 1
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