Shop in Penha de France with three storefronts

Penha de França, Lisboa, Lisboa
1 שירותים
140 מ״ר

Shop well located, in a busy area in Penha de France, with an area of 120m2.

Situated at street level, with three storefronts and still basement.

All assembled as a dental clinic of great standard, but can serve another type of trade.

Excellent presentation status, central air conditioning, planned lighting and ready to start.

Bank Financing:
Habita is a partner of several financial entities enabling all its customers free simulations of Housing Credit.

Penha de França is a portuguese parish in the municipality of Lisbon, belonging to the Historic Center Area of the capital, with an area of 2.71 km².

The parish owes its name to a hermitage in honor of Our Lady of Penha de France, founded in 1598, on the site where the Church of Our Lady of Penha de France is now located.

In its present territory, which goes from the Tagus River to the hill of Penha de France, there are many hundreds of years that there are population centers located both in the riverside area, around the convents of Madre de Deus and Santos-o-Novo, or around the hermitage of Penha de France and, later, convent with the same name (current Comando-Geral da PSP).

Despite these nuclei, until the end of the 20th century. XIX, early 19th century. XX, the territory was eminently rural, situated in the term of Lisbon and consisting of open fields, vegetable gardens, summer farms and manor houses and monasteries.

On April 13, 1918, the parish of Penha de França was created. In 1959, through an administrative reform, its territory is diminished and part of it belongs to the parishes of São João and Alto do Pina.

Culture and Leisure:
– Monumental Fountain of Alameda D. Afonso Henriques
– Paiva Couceiro Square
– Cemetery of Alto de S. João
– National Tile Museum/ Convent and Mother of God Church
– Convent of Santos-o-Novo
– Fort of Santa Apolónia
– Sappers Market
– Church and Convent of Our Lady of Penha (current General Command of PSP)
– Viewpoint of Penha de France and EPAL water reservoir
– Diogo Cão Palace (current parish council’s state)

The parish of Penha de França has some offer at the level of the school network, in the various degrees of education.
In Public Pre?-School Education, there are two schools, in the 1st Cycle has four schools, in the 2nd Cycle has two schools, in the 3rd Cycle has a school, in secondary school there is a school.

In addition to these public institutions there are also private institutions of reference guaranteed access to good studies for people of various social classes.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-MD032101
סוג הנכס: מסחרי
סטטוס נכס: מחודש
שירותים: 1
שטח הבית: 140 מ״ר
שטח החלקה: 184,35 מ״ר
מחוז: Lisboa
שכונה: Penha de França
שטח נטו: 120 m²
יעילות אנרגטית: D
עיר : Lisboa
איזור: Penha de França (Penha de França)
שטח נטו: 120
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