T1 with fully renovated suite in Setúbal

S.Julião, N.S. da Anunciada e S.Maria da Graça, Setúbal, Setúbal

On the ground floor, is this T1 with suite in the final phase of total renovation, with plenty of space. The apartment is part of a three-storey building undergoing refurbishment works, in terms of plumbing, electrical part, internal parts and façade. All to be finalized in two months.

Illustrative photos for space analysis.

It is a quiet street, in the old part of the city, with close proximity to downtown shopping and excellent location, close to transport to the most central areas.

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The city is situated 32 km southeast of Lisbon, on the north bank of the mouth of the River Sado, and is flanked to the west by the Arrábida mountain range. The urbanized area is approximately 10 km².

Setúbal is inserted in the so-called Blue Coast, it is an important port and commercial area. One of its main activities is undoubtedly fishing and is increasingly being sought after by tourists, who find in the city and its surroundings excellent itineraries to discover.
With a pleasantly careful old town, the traditional commerce flanks pedestrian streets that lead us to a friendly avenue, which offers a huge and refreshing garden.

Situated on the River Sado, the city offers the visitor the best and freshest fish and seafood.
The Serra da Arrábida or a boat ride to the Troia Peninsula are two destinations not to be missed.

Leisure and Culture:
In Setúbal were born some of the great names of the artistic field Portuguese, as the lyric singer Luísa Todi and one of the most acclaimed poets of Portugal Bocage.
There are several museums including the Convent of Jesus, Casa de Bocage, Sebastião da Gama, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the District of Setúbal, Oceanographic Museum Luís Saldanha, Museum of Work Michel Giacometti among others that deserve your visit!

Setúbal is one of the Portuguese cities with a great tradition in music where many musical groups and singers at the national level, started or consolidated their careers. Some examples are bands and singers, Luísa Todi, Zeca Afonso, Noctivagus, Dulce Pontes, Sofia Vitória, Toy, and Joana Barradas.

Setúbal has a University Campus that excels in diversity and quality, bringing together several universities, namely, the School of Technology of Setúbal, the Higher School of Education, the Higher School of Business Sciences, the Higher School of Technology of Barreiro, Escola Superior de Saúde makes the city an excellent location to live and study.

In addition to these public institutions there are also private institutions of reference guaranteed access to good studies for people from different social classes.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-MD082017
סוג הנכס: בניין
סטטוס נכס: מחודש
שטח הבית: 271,3 מ״ר
שטח החלקה: 98,4 מ״ר
מחוז: Setúbal
שכונה: S.Julião, N.S. da Anunciada e S.Maria da Graça
יעילות אנרגטית: פטור
עיר : Setúbal
שטח נטו: 231.3 m²
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  • בית ספר
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  • תחנת רכבת
  • בית מרקחת
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  • איזור היסטורי

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