Underconstruction Apartment in Alfama (Santo Estevão) – 44 m²

Santa Maria Maior, Lisboa, Lisboa
1 חדרי שינה
1 שירותים
61 מ״ר

Architect studio Posto 9 united two buildings of Pombaline style to create an exceptional, modern and welcoming space, while respecting the idiosyncrasy of the original buildings and elevating the unique charm of the location.The access to the new building was placed in Beco da Judiaria, the small square ending in the Arco do Rosario that joins Terreiro do Trigo to the heart of Alfama, bordering a well-preserved part of the medieval wall on which the old palace of Senhora of Murça stands.The passage through the arch takes us as if by magic from the bustle of the 21st century to Lisbon at its most intimate.The calm simplicity of the entrance is itself an eloquent expression of elegance. The delicate contrasts of materials and colours evoke refined modernity, a classical aesthetic and the Pombaline tradition with equal passion.The illumination through the arch of the glazed door from both inside and out shades and highlights the simple lines, sculpting serenity and a sense of belonging.Facing the Mar da Palha and looking onto the Jardim do Tabaco and the modern Lisbon cruise terminal, stand the main facades of the two original buildings, perfectly aligned with the Pombaline Terreiro do Trigo square.The facades retain their defining features. Tiles, stonework and balconies provide a harmonious break from the continuity. Alternating doors and arches have been conserved and restored for commercial use.SOBER AND PRAGMATIC POMBALINE POISE IS SOFTENED WITH SUBTLE SIGNS OF SEVENTEENTH”CENTURY INSPIRATION AND MODERN DESIGNS. A PERFECT BLEND OF PRACTICAL AND DECORATIVE.The spaces are ingeniously used to the maximum, with numerous comfortable and elegant arrangements, from panelling to open niches in the wall.Arches and folding glazed doors distinguish and integrate well-lit environments, where pelmets embedded in false ceilings of curved borders enliven the play of light through the windows.Each movement is studied, each point of light is a guide.Lioz stone, marble, granite and hardwoods are the materials of choice.In the common areas and bedrooms, the predominance of wood in the chevron floor design, solid interior shutters and the enamelled door and window frames creates warm and inviting environments.The latest generation of appliances in grey steel aesthetically counterpoint the dominance of natural materials.The bathrooms, as with the rest of the rooms, have been lovingly thought out.They are all equipped with twin sinks and separate wet and dry areas.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-JA112101-01
סוג הנכס: דירה
סטטוס נכס: בבנייה
חדרי שינה: 1
שירותים: 1
שטח הבית: 61 מ״ר
שטח החלקה: 379 מ״ר
מחוז: Lisboa
שכונה: Santa Maria Maior
שטח נטו: 44 m²
קומה: 1
עיר : Lisboa
איזור: Alfama (Santo Estevão)
שטח נטו: 44
יעילות אנרגטית: בתהליך בדיקה
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