Used Apartment in Alto de Algés (Algés) – 175 m²

Algés, Linda-a-Velha e Cruz Quebrada-Dafundo, Oeiras, Lisboa
3 חדרי שינה
3 שירותים
Yes חניה
285 מ״ר

Opportunity to live in a spectacular apartment with great areas, comfort, convenience and tranquility for your family!

In Alto de Algés you will find all this, in this excellent property in great condition and conditions.

Apartment T3 Duplex with good areas, with excellent finishes as new, composed of:

– Kitchen, 18.5 m2 fully equipped with Siemens appliances, oak kitchen furniture with granite countertops;
– Entrance Hall, 5.64m2;
– Toilet;
– Spacious room 40.29m2;
-Suites – 1 toilet;
– 2 bedrooms with wardrobe;
– Central aspiration;
– Central heating;
– Mitsubishi-branded air conditioning in the living room and bedrooms;
– Electric blinds;
– Security door and intercom video intercom;
– Terrace with 100 m2;
– Balcony;
– Collection;
– Equipped with home automation system (fire and flood control, telephone command of functions.
– View Tagus River.

– Two garages (2 box for 4 cars), with possibility of charging electric/hybrid cars – Private extension area covered on the top floor.

Good location, quiet and excellent area, close to Lisbon and with various accessibility!

Be sure to know this fantastic apartment!

Get in touch and schedule your visit!

Ref: LU062106

Bank Financing:
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Oeiras is a Portuguese village, seat of municipality located in the district and metropolitan area of Lisbon, being one of the municipalities of the first crown of the capital.

The small municipality of Oeiras, with only 45.88 km², is located in the final section of the Tagus Estuary, on its right bank, around a small bay of the Lisbon Coast that makes a riverside front of 9 km long.

Overall it is considered a municipality that enjoys a great quality of life. Its natural conditions, with very fertile soils and the proximity of the Tagus Estuary, made it from an early age to be the target of human occupation, having a markedly rural profile until the mid-twentieth century.

More recently, its privileged position in relation to the capital has led to a growing development and urbanization, especially by the relocation of companies to the municipality.
In this way, Oeiras is an autonomous economic hub: it is one of the most developed and rich municipalities in the Iberian Peninsula and even Europe.

Oeiras is nicknamed the Silicon Valley of Europe, mainly due to the great dynamism of its business fabric.

Culture and Leisure:
In the municipality of Oeiras there is environmental and landscape concern that is limited to the planning, creation, maintenance and diversification of green spaces. In this sense, there is the possibility of the residents of this municipality request the free planting of plants in their residence.

The green spaces of Oeiras are essential for the awareness and environmental relationship of its inhabitants, providing them with a detachable quality of life for an urban area.

They are also great spaces for meditation, sports, leisure and recreation but often only accessible to those who do not have mobility difficulties. They are the contemporary heritage of the old Quintas de Recreio de Oeiras.

The following stand out:
– Quinta do Marquês de Pombal (Gardens of the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal and Jardim Almirante Gago Coutinho)
– Poets Park
– Quinta Real de Caxias
– Jamor National Sports Center
– Barcarena Gunpowder Factory
The miraflores urban park also has pedestrian passage to Monsanto Park, the largest park in Greater Lisbon.

Oeiras also presents in its territory a substantial set of landscaped areas, which are also used as leisure areas:
– Alameda de Queijas
– Garden of the Acypresses
– Fernando Pessoa Garden
– Municipal Garden of Paço de Arcos
– New Oeiras Garden
– Angels Palace Garden
– Garden of the Palace of the Arches
– Garden of the Plátanos
– Garden of Quinta dos Sete Castelos
– Overseas Garden

– NOS Alive (July) on the Promenade of Algés
– EDP Cool Jazz in the Poets Park and in the Gardens of the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal
– Seven Are Seven Moons at the Gunpowder Factory
– Panda Festival in the Poets Park and Oeiras Municipal Stadium
– 5 Elements in the Gardens of the Palace of the Marquis of Pombal
– Reception to the Lisbon Freshman 2015 at passeio marítimo de Algés
– Impending Festival at Almirante Gago Coutinho Garden

Oeiras has the reputation of hosting a set of institutions linked to sports, mainly on the national scene. The Jamor forest, next to the Cruz Quebrada Station, concentrates several structures related to sports and outdoor activities, as well as the Faculty of Human Motricity.

The Jamor Sports Complex is part of the Stadium of Honor. Located next to him the City of Football that houses the home of the Portuguese Football Federation.

higher education:
– Nautical School Infante D. Henrique – Palace of Arcos
– FMH – Faculty of Human Motricity – in Jamor Park
– Instituto Superior Técnico (Taguspark Pole) – in Porto Salvo
– New Atlantic University – in the Manufacture of Gunpowder

The Night of the Tunas in Oeiras, usually in June, is part of the Festivals of the Municipality and is organized by the Group of Serenades of the Faculty of Human Motricity (GSFMH) in partnership with the Municipality of Oeiras. This event, started in 1994, has free entry by tradition and is located in the National Agronomic Station – Casa da Pesca.

– Gulbenkian Institute of Science (IGC)
– Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology (ITQB)
– Institute of Experimental and Technological Biology (IBET)
– Fisheries and Sea Research Institute (IPIMAR)
– National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research (INIAV)

There are about 46 public schools and 42 private schools from daycare to secondary education.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-LU062106
סוג הנכס: דירה
סטטוס נכס: בשימוש
חדרי שינה: 3
שירותים: 3
חניה: Yes
שטח הבית: 285 מ״ר
שנת בנייה: 1970
מחוז: Lisboa
שכונה: Algés, Linda-a-Velha e Cruz Quebrada-Dafundo
שטח נטו: 175 m²
מצב: מצוין
קומה: -2
עיר : Oeiras
איזור: Alto de Algés (Algés)
שטח נטו: 175
מטבח: 1
יעילות אנרגטית: A
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