Inproject Land in Ericeira –

Ericeira, Mafra, Lisboa

Land with approved project -Ericeira

Available plot of land of 842.5 m2 (with front of 40m) next to the coast and with sea view, near the beach of São Lourenço in Ericeira, in allotment with modern projects under development, and with approved project for luxury contemporary villa endorsed with all amenities, with large areas, swimming pool, barbecue and landscaped outdoor area.

10 min (7.3 km) away. center of Ericeira

9 min (7.7 km) – A21

5 min (2.5 km) – S. Lourenço Beach


Ericeira is a tourist village situated 35 km northwest of the center of Lisbon, 18 km from Sintra and 8 km from Mafra, with 12.19 km² of area and 10 260 inhabitants (2011).

The Ericeira region is well known in terms of surfing due to the waves of the area, which surfers say are different. It has very prestigious beaches for surfing such as ribeira d’ islands beach (world surf reserve), Coxos beach in Ribamar, among many others.

Ribeira d’Ilhas Beach
Also and widely practiced kitesurfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding and stand-up paddle. Ericeira is also the 1st world surfing reserve in Europe and 2nd in the world.

This village is also good for bathers having plenty of hotels, and good quality beaches, such as the fishermen’s beach, northern beach and even the beaches of Coxos and São Lourenço already in the nearby village of Ribamar.

The beaches and fishing grounds, as well as the monumental and gastronomic heritage, based on a variety of fish and shellfish, are its biggest attractions.

Places of interest:

-Fisherman’s Beach in Ribamar – locality known for fresh seafood and caught in the region.
-Fishing port – has traditional boats and regular movement of jagozes (typical fishermen of the village)
-Furnas – sunset
-Viewpoint of Praia do Sul – panoramic view of the sunset and the entire length of the beach, which extends to the Hotel Vila Galé Ericeira.

פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-SC022101-AP
סוג הנכס: אדמה
סטטוס נכס: פרוייקט בבנייה
שטח החלקה: 842,5 מ״ר
מחוז: Lisboa
שכונה: Ericeira
עיר : Mafra
יעילות אנרגטית: פטור
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