Underconstruction House in Santa Marinha e São Pedro da Afurada –

Santa Marinha e São Pedro da Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto
2 חדרי שינה
3 שירותים
116,94 מ״ר

It is a 19th-century palace. XVIII extremely well located, with privileged views of the Douro River and D.Luís Bridge.

The project already under development, foresees the construction of 17 residential units, and consists of two autonomous buildings.

The rehabilitated building, and a new structure, separated by a magnificent private garden.

It will be this new structure that will form the only 2 villas of the enterprise.

All units have air conditioning, double-glazed windows, a fully equipped kitchen with Bosch-branded equipment, and can be sold fully furnished.

The villa in question comprises two floors, in which the following spaces differ:

– 2 suites;
– Living room / kitchen in open space concept;
– 3 bathrooms;
– Balcony;
– Private garden;

Enterprise with high quality finishes, and expected to be completed for the 1st Quarter of 2023.

Bank Financing:
Habita is a partner of several financial entities enabling all its customers free simulations of Housing Credit.

Vila Nova de Gaia is a municipality and city of the Portuguese Metropolitan Area of Porto with about 302,324 inhabitants. The city is located on the south bank of the mouth of the Douro River.

At present it is the third most populous municipality in Portugal, and the most populous in the North region, with 302,295 inhabitants of which approximately 180,000 are urban residents, distributed mainly by the parishes that form the city of Vila Nova de Gaia are: Santa Marinha and São Pedro da Afurada (headquarters), Mafamude and Vilar do Paraíso, Canidelo, Madalena, Gulpilhares and Valadares, Vilar de Andorinho and Oliveira do Douro.

Leisure and Culture :
– Serra do Pilar Church
– Monastery of Serra do Pilar or Monastery of St. Augustine of Serra do Pilar
– Devesas Ceramic Factory
– Monastery of Grijó.
– Municipal auditorium
– Municipal library
– Chapel of the Lord of the Stone
– Casa Barbot (House of Culture)
– Church of the Monastery of Serra do Pilar (World Heritage)
– Monastery of Grijó
– Pedroso Monastery
– Gaia Pier
– Ramos Pinto House-Museum
– Mount of the Virgin
– Gaia Biological Park – Avintes
– Lavandeira Municipal Park
– Luís I Bridge (World Heritage Site)
– Bridge of D. Maria Pia
– St. John’s Bridge
– Arrábida Bridge
– Infantbridge
– Praia da Aguda – Aguda Coastal Station, a zoological park/aquarium.
– Granja Beach
– Miramar Beach
– Holy Ovid
– Serra de Canelas
– Pilar Mountain
– St. Ignatius Zoo (Avintes)

Being a municipality with a significant area and population, there are numerous public and private educational institutions, for the different age groups.
– 84 kindergartens integrated into the public network
– 115 schools of the 1st cycle of basic education, of which 15 also include 2nd and 3rd cycle.
– 9 secondary schools with 3rd cycle of elementary school
– 2 professional schools
– 7 colleges
– 12 disability support institutions
– Piaget Institute – Cooperative for Integral and Ecological Human Development, C.R.L.
– ISPGaya – Gaya Polytechnic Higher Institute
– IESF – Institute for Higher Financial and Fiscal Studies
– ISLA – Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology
– Gaia Conservatory of Music

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פרטי הנכס:

מספר הנכס: IH-SC082103
סוג הנכס: בית
סטטוס נכס: בבנייה
חדרי שינה: 2
שירותים: 3
שטח הבית: 116,94 מ״ר
מחוז: Porto
שכונה: Santa Marinha e São Pedro da Afurada
עיר : Vila Nova de Gaia
יעילות אנרגטית: B-
  • בנק
  • מרכז העיר
  • בית ספר
  • שטחים ירוקים
  • בית מרקחת
  • משטרה
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  • סופרמרקט
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